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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jacks

We have yet again added to our family. You'd think two adults, two teens, one toddler, one dog, and one cat would be enough - but what can I say - we like to make the chances of travelling ever again, impossible. Hah.

We have added a gorgeous female Boston Terrier, who my dorky husband so kindly named Fenway. And then made me buy her a blue harness and red leash... Poor thing. She has the cutest little curly tail, and her one nostril hasn't opened, so she snorts and snores. I am not enjoying this puppy phase though. Vincent was good. He did not whine at night, and if he did, once you told him to be quiet, he listened. This one on the other hand, cries all night long. Oh and I woke up to a bathroom and pup completely covered in poop. We had her gated off in part of the kitchen, but she was whining so much I told Emmanuel to move her to our bathroom so that she didn't wake Joe up, who has to get up early for school.

On the bright side, she seems to be nearly house broken. Only two accidents so far, and only one was on carpet. The hard part is probably going to be transitioning her from papers to outdoors. She likely was never put on a lead, so she resists it to the full extent - even though we bought her a step in harness... So we'll have to see how things unfold for her.

Vincent isn't really sure what he thinks of her yet. He was really excited to play with her yesterday, but she wouldn't even acknowledge him for a good portion of the day. Finally by bed time they were playing, and we were able to take some photos. But then today, he hasn't stopped growling at her whenever she comes over to him. I know he'll warm up to her, but it honestly scares me when he's in a foul mood. We got really lucky to have a practically silent chihuahua(in my opinion - I'm only going off stereotypes of the breed), who loves everyone and not just one master. And he's fabulous with Pinxit, and takes all her abuse. When he does bark, it's really violent sounding(I guess that's the whole point of barking), and he snaps at you when you come close. I don't like seeing this side of him. At least he's only growling - I think it's just a matter of him trying to show dominance over her. I hope everything falls into place within a week or two.

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