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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Simple Mom "Project Simplify" week 2 challenge - Kitchen

Week two, and I found there wasn't a whole lot for me to do. Being that we just moved, we haven't really had much time to mess up the place - not that that's a bad thing...

Our kitchen is very lacking in storage and size, so we have things kind of everywhere. We had to put our red IKEA locker thing (I think it originally was a tv stand) in the dining room for extra storage and put our microwave, coffee maker, and toaster on top of it. I store almost all my baking things inside. Our counter is only big enough for a dish rack on one side, and a small cook space on the other, so we've got things in some pretty creative spots. We also took one of our IKEA shelves and use it as a pantry.

IKEA locker

IKEA shelving as pantry

My only area that needed a bit of attention was our one food cupboard. I recently bought some club size staples and hadn't gotten around to putting them in their canisters, so I took this week to do that. I didn't realize how many containers we were up to, and when I started switching over to them I just used some painters tape to label. Wasn't pretty, but it did the job. Well now that it's en vogue to do this, I went on Etsy and found this cute shop, and purchased some reusable chalkboard labels and a chalk marker (as well as a bunch of things for Pinxit's upcoming birthday). Unfortunately they're not here yet, but at least you can see how I tidied up the cupboard.


I also cleaned up our spices. I found this idea a while ago (I think possibly on Simple Mom), where you put spice jars on a tray or in a container. In my case, I went with cake pans. I also ordered labels for these.

I'm most excited for the next two weeks - closets, counter tops, and drawers because we really need to do something about our bedroom closets, and the last is our pick. I've decided to do my art space. It never gets fully unpacked and organized, which makes it hard for crafting.

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