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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Fresh start

Originally posted March 11th 2010

I’ve been a “blogger” for at least 8 years, predominantly on a popular body modification private community. At some point I decided to start deleting all my old posts from the previous year, kind of as my New Year’s Resolution - clearly myself of everything that happened the previous year, starting fresh.

Over time, my posts went from writing about typical teenage angst, heart break, love interests, drug and alcohol use, partying, sexual encounters, to becoming vegetarian, choosing to be come drug free and a few years later straight edge, going to school, becoming a hairstylist, then meeting a great guy, moving 8 hours away from everything I know, falling completely head over heels in love, getting engaged, choosing to conceive our first child, becoming pregnant, getting married in our living room to keep our grandparents happy, giving birth, raising a child, getting married(again)…

I sometimes wish I had never deleted my old posts, mainly because I have an extremely hard time remembering things(long and short term), but I think it’s for the best. Myself now is rather unimpressed with how I thought it was cool to drink and smoke up on occasion, or to go to the mall and shoplift just because I could get away with it… And majority of it I’m glad I can’t remember.

As mentioned before, I am a member of another community bonded by body modification. I have chosen to start a new blog, predominantly so that people other than the modified community can share aspects of my life - namely my family - but also because I personally enjoy reading about different aspects of other people’s lives, how they raise their children, what they do for work or fun, etc. And though this might just be another blog to some, I think I have something worth reading about.

I think for the first little bit I will post a lot of background information, rather than just plunging in, allowing newcomers to become acquainted with my background, and who it is I’m speaking of. I would like to share how I met my now husband, some details of our pregnancy, the birth of our child, the “Love Declaration Celebration!” as I coined it as I didn’t really see it fit to call it our wedding when we were already… Followed by our move, and then where things are at now.

I warn everyone now, I am blunt and I don’t really believe in “too much information” - that being said, I won’t be posting graphic details of our sex life, and actually probably won’t even mention it as I feel that’s something really personal that does not need to be shared with anyone. I mean more so that I talk about poop, vomit, basically any bodily function, in a very nonchalant manner…

I write from the heart, and am not ‘an educated’ girl by no means. I barely graduated high school, and I went to cosmetology school. The things I choose to do in life are more so because they feel right, rather than because society tells me to do so. I have always been ‘free spirited’ as some would put it, and I will most likely always go against the grain, be it in the ‘normal’ community, or the modified one. I will never really fit in, and always be a floater, and that’s fine by me.

This is my blog.

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