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Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

I'm not one for this sort of thing, but maybe if I post somewhere about these things, it will hold me accountable and help me fulfil them.

1. Continue losing weight - I've currently lost 15lbs with diet alone (as in, this bitch doesn't get off her ass and do shit), and I would like to begin working out 1. so I can eat more haha, and 2. so I can be physically active and do strength training. 

2. Drink more water - I barely drink anything, and I know it's really bad for me and my kidneys. I can't justify drinking away calories, so I'm on a big Perrier with Crystal Light kick (which is amusing, because I was 'carbonated beverage free' since I was 17 until I met Emmanuel, and I still don't really ever drink the stuff). I've started occasionally drinking various herbal teas, so it's helping me get fluid in my system.

3. Become a locavore - We already eat 95% Ontario grown and raised foods, but I would like to take it a step further. Unfortunately we don't know where we will be living during the next harvest season, so as much as I want a garden of produce all of my own, we can only stick to things we can easily up and move if need be. Luckily we live in a city that has farming within city limits, so we will continue to pick our apples right off the tree, amongst other things. Unfortunately the Farmer's Markets are not as regular as they were in Kitchener, nor are they as close by. I'm most excited to start canning. Yup, I'm old.

4. Eat clean, eat real - We already do for the most part, but I would really like to rid our home of processed or prepared items. It seems very daunting when think about it, but really, as a stay at home mom, why can't I?

1. Make time for me - I am notorious for filling my time with crafts or tasks for others, but never really making time for me. Things I would like to do more: Read, knit, craft/art, paint my nails, take a bath, listen to music. Maybe even take a class or two. I also want to focus on finally starting a business from home as it's been my dream for years and all I ever do it talk about it. Time for action.

2. 1 hour technology free - This is mainly for me so that I can give undivided attention to Pinxit, but I think it's also important to ensure Pinxit turns off technology so she can turn on life. No texting, no internet, no movies, etc. Just us. I don't know if I'd go to the extent of "power free", because there are wonderful things we can do like baking or going a taking photos which to me are quality activities as well.

3. Don't compare - I need to stop thinking I need to do more, be more, be better, to be a good person or a good mom. I'm freaking amazing, and I need to start telling myself this more. I shouldn't want to be something I'm not capable of being unless I surrender other things I find important in my life.

4. Let the past go - Forget about the drama, the bad landlords, the hurtful things friends have said/done in the past. Move forward.

1. Live intentionally - This is the mission statement of a blog I submit to, and to me it means that for anything you do in life, it should have a purpose. Now that doesn't mean the intention can't be "for fun", I just don't want to continue to wake everyday without doing something purposeful. Having a task or mission to complete in a day, however minute it is, makes life worth living.

2. Live simple - again spinning off from the same blog; I do not want to be consumed by "things". I want to have practical/useful and beautiful things, and reduce the amount of clutter we continue to cart with us every move we make. I want to be able to know where everything is with my eyes closed.

3. Gain security - I have harped about this for years that we need a solid 'nest egg' or 'emergency fund', but I really would like to make it top priority now. I have worked magic to make it possibly for Eman to go to school without loans, so once he is done, making sure we don't have to struggle if something unpredictable comes up, is top priority. 

4. Plan to travel - We financially can't do it at the moment but I would like to start, maybe when Pinxit turns 4, travel to each province and territory. Maybe do it as our 'year end trip' each 'school year'. I would love to travel more than that, but I think for now, it is a reasonable goal.

Friends and Family:
1. Make more face time - Specifically, for those who make time for me, and less for those who don't. I've noticed I'm really bad for not wanting to make plans when I get invites and sometimes coming up with excuses, or avoiding the question. I have no idea why I do this.

2. Call my friends and family more - I have a phone, I have 'all the time in the world', so I don't know why I don't call people more often. Sure, I hate talking on the phone, but if people are unable to make face time, I should at least try the second best thing.

3. Weed out the bad, keep all the good - I've done pretty well with this, but I would like to further reduce the drama and stress in my life, and just focus on peaceful living.

4. Give back - We have been through some really hard times, and whenever we've needed something, there was always some wonderful person in our life to help us out. We've had friends and family give or lend us money so we can pay our rent or bills, give us food/cook for us, buy Pinxit diapers or clothes, and though I think I am a generous person already, I would like to start doing random acts of kindness for those near and dear to me, or even complete strangers.

What are your resolutions?

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